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Recording Bass Guitar in Tracktion T5 Free DAW

As I discover more and more about Tracktion T5, the free DAW, I thought I show you how I recorded my new Bass Guitar, with me playing it for the first time. I used my Yamaha AG03 as my Audio…

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Yamaha AG03 Mixing Console Audio Routing Basics Explained

Like to find out about the Yamaha AG03 Mixing Console’s audio routing options? or confused about how it works? In this video, I describe the basics and talk about how each audio routing position affects the way audio is sent…

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Setup Devices in Cubase AI 8 – Yamaha AG03 USB Mixer

Before we can record a song using Yamaha’s AG03 USB Mixer and the included free Cubase AI 8 DAW, we need to set up the audio interface in Cubase AI. In this video, I walk you through the settings and…

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Installing Cubase AI 8 for Yamaha AG03/AG06 USB Mixer Audio Interface

With Yamaha AG03/AG06 provided is the free DAW from Steinberg, Cubase AI 8. Some software and licensing are not as easy as they need to be. In this video, I guide you on how to download and install it.

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Yamaha AG03 Mixer – DSP Expert Mode Tutorial

In this video, I describe in detail most of the Yamaha AG03 Mixing Console DSP settings in expert mode. Using the expert mode, one can set up the effects suited best for their style and genre of music.

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Using The Yamaha AG03 Mixer Audio Interface

In this video, I try out the Yamaha AG03 Mixing Console USB Audio Interface. I get to plug in my PreSonus M7 Condenser Microphone and an electric guitar and pluck a few strums. I also have a quick look at…

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Unboxing The Yamaha AG03 USB Mixer Audio Interface

A fantastic three analog input, Stereo Channel USB mixer specially designed for personal recording and mixing, supporting zero or very low latency. Built-in FX and a whole lot more.