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PreSonus Studio One Prime – Demo Song Mixdown With Guitars

With the volunteer Greg from BLAKHATZ to play the guitar rhythm parts for the demo song, using Studio One Prime and SWAMP SM-11 USB mixer, I now have a mixdown of the song. Next is to add my harmony vocals…

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PreSonus Studio One Prime – The Arranger Track Demo

In this part 2 of the series, I demonstrate how the basic arrangement recording is edited to a full length song, using the Studio One Prime’s newly included (v3.5.2 and up) Arranger Track. Followed by recording of my vocals to…

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Recording A Song Using SWAMP Industries SM-11 USB Mixer Audio Interface

WORKSHOP: Recording A Song, from start to finish, using SWAMP Industries SM-11 USB Mixer Audio Interface and PreSonus Studio One Prime Free DAW. Recently I reviewed the SWAMP Industries SM-11, a 3-channel USB Mixer Audio Interface and today I demonstrate…

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PreSonus Studio One Prime 3.5.2 Updates – The Arranger Track

Here is a quick update notes on how to quickly update and what’s new in the new version of Studio One V3 Prime 3.5.2. LINK: HTTP://www.presonus.com

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Studio One Prime Ver 3.5 Update – What’s New?

Having a look at what’s new in version 3.5 free update of Studio One Prime. Low latency drivers, complete system undo/redo history and many more.

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Recording guitars for upcoming song ‘Lovebreak’ in Studio One Prime

This is a live recording session on how I’m adding electric guitar into a song (still learning guitars), in preparation for my next creative idea video on Presonus Studio One Prime. The song is called Lovebreak.

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Vocal Pitch Correction with Studio One V3 Prime | No AutoTune

Since Studio One V3 Prime, the free version of DAW does not support VST plug-ins. In this tutorial, I demonstrate how we can still get tuned vocals with pitch correction/tuning ( The manual way).

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PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime Add-on Bundles – Are they Worth It?

PRESONUS REDUCED THEIR PRICING BY 50% AFTER THE RELEASE OF THIS VIDEO MAKING IT A BETTER VALUE. PreSonus just released Add-on Plugin bundles for Studio One Prime v3.3 Free DAW. Are they worth the money? Watch to find out. Feel…

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Recording a Song Collaboratively with Studio One V3 Prime using Dropbox

If you like to collaborate to record a song with your band members or other musicians around the world, then in this video, I demonstrate how to collaborate using the PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime, the free DAW and a…

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Basic EQ and Compression For Drums with Studio One V3 Prime

In this quick tutorial, I show and describe how I EQ and Compress drums in Studio One V3 Prime, to get great-sounding drums that fit in the mix.

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Free Podcast Production With Studio One V3 Prime DAW

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to use Studio One V3 Prime for podcast production, using a background music track that automatically ducks when the announcer’s voice is on, plus a few other great tips, if you watch it till…

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Collaborating A Song Project with PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime

Sharing is Caring. Find out how a simple way to share your Studio One V3 Prime song projects with fellow members.