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Audio to MIDI to VSTi in PreSonus Studio One V3.5 Pro

Wanted to find out if it is possible to convert an audio clip to MIDI notes, and then use the MIDI notes clip to play a VST Instrument. I’ll show you how with this quick demo using Studio One Pro….

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PreSonus Studio One V3 Track Pack Folder Option Quick Tip

If you have lots of tracks for your song project in Studio One V3, I’ll show you how you can pack them into folders to maximize the available timeline and mixer space.

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PreSonus Studio One V3 Complete Content & Demo Song Download

Once you have downloaded and installed your copy of Studio One, the next step is to download the available content and demo tutorials from within Studio One.

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Importing SoundFonts Into Studio One Presence XT

A tutorial on how to Import SoundFonts Into Studio One Presence XT

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M-Audio ProjectMix I/O: Setup With Studio One V3 – Part 3

In this final part of the series on setting up the M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Control Surface and Audio Interface, I demonstrate how to set it up with PreSonus Studio One V3 as an external Control Surface Device. August 2016: I…

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Recording a Song with Studio One Prime – Part 3, Audio Recording

In this part 3, I demonstrate how I record the Bass instrument track as Audio Track. We also get to hear the arrangement as an original stereo mix, and I invite everyone to be part of the series by being…

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Recording a Song with Studio One Prime – Part 2 – MIDI

This is part 2 of the series on recording a song using the PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime free DAW. In this video I detail and demonstrate how I set up MIDI devices, Load the MIDI song arrangement and let…

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Recording a Song with Studio One Prime V3 – Part 1 – Intro

This is the Part 1 introduction video of a series of videos demonstrating how to set up and record a song using PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime, the free DAW. In my setup, I have my KORG PA3X Musical Keyboard…

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PreSonus Studio One v3 Prime, Free DAW – Introduction, Limitations

In July 2015, PreSonus released their latest version 3 of Studio One Digital Audio Workstation. With it came PRIME, the free downloadable version, for entry-level music recording. In this video, I present how to download and install your free copy…

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Outboard Gear MIDI Control Automation with PreSonus Studio One

When using external effects, EQ or any outboard device/gear for your recording, automating parameter changes or patch changes during the song could help the process, and one can concentrate on the mixing of the song, rather than pressing buttons and…

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Song Outro Slow Tempo Ending with Studio One

This is a simple tip on how to make a song slow down at the end of the song, with a more natural feel. Using PreSonus Studio One DAW to demonstrate.

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Adding Dynamics to your songs

How I add some dynamics to the recorded tracks to achieve a more pleasing and human feel outcome for a song, by adding subtle volume change automation.