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Testing Sound Transmission Loss of my new Studio Playing my Bass Guitar

A few weeks ago I tested the soundproofing method used for the build of my studio, whether it was effective and successful or not, while playing my acoustic drums. The results were quite evident that it was a success. Well,…

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Testing Studio Sound Transmission Loss While Playing the Drums | Soundproof Studio

Let’s do a quick ear test on the soundproofing method I used for my studio build, with only 1 door having a door air-tight acoustic seal, while I (try to) play the drums. Throughout my planning and building of my…

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Building My Home Recording Studio Part 24 – Plasterboard Works

Now that all the plasterboards are installed, time to putty all of the joints.

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Building My Home Recording Studio Part 23 – Installing Internal Plasterboard Layer 2

It’s time to install the second layer of the internal plasterboard. Somewhat an easier task as the plasterboards are thinner and weigh less. Time to dismantle and pack away the plasterboard lifter too.

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Building My Home Recording Studio Part 22 – Sealing Plasterboard Layer 1 and one Noisy Vacuum

Once the first layer of plasterboard is installed, I sealed all the edges with silicon. This will limit air movements and help with soundproofing. Next, I do a quick noise test with my vacuum cleaner.

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Soundproofing Vs Room Acoustic Treatment | Best Soundproofing Method for your Studio

In this video, I describe the differences between Soundproofing and Room Acoustic Treatment, then give an example of the most effective soundproofing technique for a recording studio.

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Building My Home Recording Studio, Part 1 | The Ground Works

Well, finally the project is in motion. My current studio occupies one of the rooms in my house. It is a standard size room, nothing special. Though I have had Soundscreen Insulation Bats installed on all walls and ceiling, this…