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A Free Multitrack Audio Capture For Live Church Choir Recordings

I have taken on the task of recording the choir of a local church for a fundraising event, and I’ll inform you about the free multi-track audio capture/recording software I chose to use. MICS: 2 x iSK CM-20 Super Cardioid…

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PreSonus Studio One Prime 3.5.2 Updates – The Arranger Track

Here is a quick update notes on how to quickly update and what’s new in the new version of Studio One V3 Prime 3.5.2. LINK: HTTP://www.presonus.com

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Presonus Eris E8 Studio Monitor Acoustic Response Test

Apart from having a good audio source and knowing how to process it, the end of the audio chain is the final outcome, the speakers. Just as important as the first two, is having a well balanced and transparent studio…

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Recording Acoustic Drums With Budget Microphones with MAGIX Music Studio 2017

Recording acoustics drums is one of the most challenging jobs a recording engineer can face while recording a song with a band. A demonstration of how to practice recording acoustic drums using a few budget microphones (Behringer Ultravoice XM8500) and…

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Audio to MIDI to VSTi in PreSonus Studio One V3.5 Pro

Wanted to find out if it is possible to convert an audio clip to MIDI notes, and then use the MIDI notes clip to play a VST Instrument. I’ll show you how with this quick demo using Studio One Pro….

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PreSonus Studio One V3 Track Pack Folder Option Quick Tip

If you have lots of tracks for your song project in Studio One V3, I’ll show you how you can pack them into folders to maximize the available timeline and mixer space.

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Combining Two Audio Interfaces Using ASIO4ALL and SPDIF Clock Link

Got two audio interfaces and like to use them to extend your available microphone inputs? If both interfaces support SPDIF digital audio connections, we can use the clock data to sync them both for solid sync between the two devices….

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Combining Two Audio Interfaces Using ASIO4ALL and ADAT Clock Link

Have you ever wondered how to use two audio interfaces to expand for additional microphone inputs and audio outputs? It is not as simple as connecting them to your PC. A tutorial on the basics and the importance of clock…

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PreSonus Studio Channel Mic Tube Pre-Amp Audio Demo

Using a microphone pre-Amp and pre-processing before your audio signal is fed to your audio interface, allows you to control, manage and shape your sound before the signal is recorded/printed in your DAW. Adding some colouration, warmth and maybe grit…

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Comparing PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL Vs Behringer Firepower FCA1616

I have been asked several times for a comparison between my two audio interfaces. So here is an in-depth comparison between two audio interfaces, the PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL and the Behringer Firepower FCA1616. I check noise floor levels, input responses…

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ProTools | First vs Studio One v3 Prime Comparison

A basic comparison between the two free DAWs, AVID ProTools | First and PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime. A great way to start with either platform.

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PreSonus Studio One v3 Prime, Free DAW – Introduction, Limitations

In July 2015, PreSonus released their latest version 3 of Studio One Digital Audio Workstation. With it came PRIME, the free downloadable version, for entry-level music recording. In this video, I present how to download and install your free copy…