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Cakewalk Music Creator 7 Basic Audio Recording and Editing

AS OF LATE 2017, CAKEWALK HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS. A quick demonstration of how to record an audio track and some of the basic audio editing tools used.

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Installing MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017 – A Personal Experience

Today I install the latest version of MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017, which was generously donated by MAGIX, as a free upgrade from my old Samplitude Music Studio 2015. I wanted to share my experience in installing this new version,…

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Let’s Create A Song With AmpleSound Acoustic Guitar AGML Free & Tracktion T5 – Part 1

We all know how hard it is to emulate a real guitar on a musical keyboard, synth or as a VST instrument in a DAW, but AmpleSound has created a great collection of VST Instruments for Acoustic, Electric, Metal Guitars…

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MAGIX Music Maker FREE 2017 – A Quick Intro

MAGIX just released their latest version of Music Maker for free. This is a quick intro video of Music Maker Free. A great EDM creation DAW. At first, it may not look too promising, but I have not talked about…

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Installing FL Studio 12 and First Impressions

Image-Line’s FL-Studio Ver 12 – Signature Edition, another DAW under my belt for musical creations. In this video, I download, install, authorize the license and play the demo song. I talk about my first impressions of the installation and FL-Studio…

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OHM Studio Collaborative free DAW – A Quick Intro

Would you like to meet musicians from all over the world and create music? Then try OHM Studio, the free DAW. Make sure you visit www.ohmstudio.com and search for Vatche and listen to a few songs we have collaboratively recorded.

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Studio One Prime vs Tracktion T5 Free DAW Quick Comparison

A quick comparison of the two free DAW, PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime and Tracktion T5 Free. Find out what are the differences and make your choice.

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Quick Look at Tracktion T5 Free DAW

Here is a first quick look at Tracktion T5 Free, the unrestricted free digital audio workstation.

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Installing Cubase AI 8 for Yamaha AG03/AG06 USB Mixer Audio Interface

With Yamaha AG03/AG06 provided is the free DAW from Steinberg, Cubase AI 8. Some software and licensing are not as easy as they need to be. In this video, I guide you on how to download and install it.

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Want AVID’s ProTools DAW for Free? YES!

UPDATE: September 2022, ProTools | First has been replaced with ProTools Intro having fewer limitations. In this video, I demonstrate how to visit AVID’s website and download ProTools | First for FREE. Check out the DAW workspace and try some…

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MIDI File to Song with Music Creator 7 – Final Part 3

AS OF LATE 2017, CAKEWALK HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS. This is the final part of the series of videos showing how to import a MIDI song file into Cakewalk’s Music Creator 7, assign instruments and sounds to the midi notes,…

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Cakewalk Music Creator 7 – Audio Interface Setup

AS OF LATE 2017, CAKEWALK HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS. A detailed run-through of having an Audio Interface with USB connection, setup with the PC and followed by configuration of Cakewalk Music Creator 7 Driver settings. Finally tweaking ASIO settings to…