If you have recorded a song and not sure about the final result of your mixing or your mix does not sound as great as you hoped it would sound, or you want the song to sound like those on commercial radio? I might be able to help.

I provide song mixing and mastering service of your songs for a very reasonable and affordable price.

It does not matter which DAW (Audio Recording Software) was used to record the song, all you need to do is either Dropbox me all of the song track stems or use Satellite Sessions Plugin by Mixed in Key and I’ll take care of the rest. Once done mixing and mastering, you get a fully mixed and mastered song in MP3 (320Kbps rate) or .WAV (16bit/44.1Khz CD). Then, you can use this song file to make your CD, upload to YouTube, Facebook or any similar social websites, and even sell it on iTunes. I will ask for no royalties of any kind (feel free to mention Mixed and Mastered at Recording Studio 9). It is yours to do what you like. (Please inform If you require in 24bit/48Khz WAV format)

Some of my studio audio hardware gear that can provide the full analogue feel to your sounds.


  • Original or cover song is fine.
  • Clear and well recorded audio stems of each track. Minimum 16bit/44.1Khz WAV format. No .MP3 as this is compressed audio.
  • Vocal manual pitch correction included if requested (I don’t AutoTune by default).
  • All song copyrights belong to respective owners. I take on no responsibility in any part.
  • Strict project timeline guarantee. I normally provide first draft mix within 48 hours. Final master can be delivered within 7 days.
  • It’s under my discretion whether I take on the project or not. This depends on the quality of the original track recordings and client request possibility.

AU$1 per track, per minute inclusive.
E.g, a 16 Track 3:45 minute song would be: 4 min x 16 tracks = $64 (includes 1 review, any further changes at $25/Hr)

AU$10 per stereo track, per minute.
E.g. a 3:50 minute song would be: 4 min = $40 (includes 1 review, any further changes at $25/Hr)

Google Hangout and Skype video calls can also be used for long distance “face-to-face” communication, before, during and after a project.

All project payments require a non-refundable 50% upfront and the balance on completion. A quote and Invoice will be emailed with payment details. Payments made via Paypal.

Helpful Recording Session Tips:

1) Make sure before recording your song, you have lots of practice. If it is a band, then even more practice, as time is money in any recording studio for recording sessions.

2) If you are recording in a studio, most likely the recording engineer will record the tracks in correct levels (-18db FS). Otherwise, make sure all your recording levels are set correctly and each track does not peak over -18db Full Scale. Also, low audio signal levels are not lower than -40db, as this will add lots of noise on the signal.

3) Label each track appropriately of each instrument and role, not just “Track 1″, Track 2” etc. A good example is:

  • 01 – Kick Drum Out Mic
  • 02 – Kick Drum In Mic
  • 03 – Snare Top Mic
  • 04 – Snare Bottom MIc
  • 05 – Overhead Left Mic
  • 06 – Overhead Right Mic
  • 07 – Bass Guitar DI
  • 08 – Guitar Rhythm Mic
  • 09 – Guitar Lead DI
  • 10 – Vocals
  • 11 – Harmony Vox
  • 12 – Keys
  • 13 – Piano
  • 14 – Strings
  • 15 – Brass
  • 16 – FX


4) Save each song’s all the track stems in one folder with Artist – Album – Song formatting. Eg /Vatche-My Album-My First Song/

5) Copy this folder into your local Dropbox Folder Eg. /Dropbox/Vatche-My Album-My First Song/

6) Once Dropbox syncs and uploads all the files to the cloud, share the folder link to

7) I will respond and reply to your request within 24 hours.

Instructional Videos:

Importing Track Stems with Satellite Sessions Plugin Example for Recording Studio 9 Clients