Room Acoustic Equalization/Correction with Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496

Apart from having great sounding studio monitor speakers, to achieve a well balanced mix, it is important to have balanced acoustics in a room as well. Even the best speakers will sound different when placed in a different size and shaped room.

To achieve a balanced room, you still need to ring-out the room to find out the response of the speakers and then adjust to correct it. One way of achieving this outcome is to use Pink Noise to ring out the room and use Equalization to correct it. And the easiest method is to use Behringer’s Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496.

The Behringer’s Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496 is a digital (24bit/96Khz) equalizer and dynamics processor that can be connected between the Audio Interface Studio Monitor Outputs and the Studio Monitors’ Inputs to digitally EQ the speakers.

In this example, I demonstrate how the DEQ2496 works and affects the speaker output to give me a flat response. I use Room Eq Wizard to test the results before and after.