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iSK CM-20 Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic Try Out and Review

Detailed try out and review of iSK CM-20 small diaphragm condenser microphone.

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Testing Sound Transmission Loss of my new Studio Playing my Bass Guitar

A few weeks ago I tested the soundproofing method used for the build of my studio, whether it was effective and successful or not, while playing my acoustic drums. The results were quite evident that it was a success. Well,…

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Recording Acoustic Drums With Budget Microphones with MAGIX Music Studio 2017

Recording acoustics drums is one of the most challenging jobs a recording engineer can face while recording a song with a band. A demonstration of how to practice recording acoustic drums using a few budget microphones (Behringer Ultravoice XM8500) and…

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Testing Studio Sound Transmission Loss While Playing the Drums | Soundproof Studio

Let’s do a quick ear test on the soundproofing method I used for my studio build, with only 1 door having a door air-tight acoustic seal, while I (try to) play the drums. Throughout my planning and building of my…

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Meeting again after 25 years | Interview with Vahik and Anoush at Studio 9

After 25 years since the last time I recorded for my first clients Vahik and Anoush an album, we are back together again to re-record a song, remembering the past. Here is an interview with them. Vahik Matvosian YouTube Channel:…

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Room Acoustic Equalization/Correction with Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496

Apart from having great sounding studio monitor speakers, to achieve a well balanced mix, it is important to have balanced acoustics in a room as well. Even the best speakers will sound different when placed in a different size and…

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Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 & Ozone 7 Elements Song Mastering Demo

This is a demonstration of how to quickly master a song using Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 using the included iZotope Ozone 7 Elements plugin. Song used: You And Me – Sy Knowles.

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Building My Home Recording Studio Part 30 – The Studio Equipment Setup

In Part 30 of Building My Home Recording Studio, it is time to setup all the gear. I do a quick rundown of the main outboard gear that gets used regularly.

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How To: Add Effects Bus in SoundBridge.IO DAW

A quick demonstration on how to add effects bus in Free DAW, for better workflow of effects for each of the tracks recorded.

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How To Setup A Patchbay PX3000 With FCA1616 – A Complete Guide Part 2

In Part 2, I demonstrate the use of a patchbay with physical units, cables, and leads and an in-depth explanation. Please, watch PART 1 first, for it to make sense of my demonstration.

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How to Setup A Patchbay PX3000 With FCA1616 – A Complete Guide Part 1

This video is a complete guide to audio patchbays. How the patchbay modes operate, how to configure a patchbay for optimum setup and workflow.

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NEW Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 Review and Quick Demo

A quick review and demo of the upcoming Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 (7/Aug/2017), having a look at the software layout and workflow, recording, editing and using built-in and VST effects.