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The Mono Switch Option on Audio Interfaces

Do you have an audio interface that has a button labelled MONO? Not sure what the purpose is? Let me explain.

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Testing The iSK RF 5R Vocal Booth

Vocal Booths on stands, do they work? Do they reduce room reflections? Do they alter the audio tonality of the microphone? Well, the answer is in my video. I bypass personal opinion and provide you with more measurable results. Watch…

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The Best Budget USB Interface Mixer Under $100?

Here is a great USB Interface Mixer for a budget home studio setup for under AU$100. I unbox, evaluate and review the SWAMP Industries SM-11, a 3-channel, Mic, Guitar & Line Level input USB Interface Mixer.

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Presonus Eris E8 Studio Monitor Acoustic Response Test

Apart from having a good audio source and knowing how to process it, the end of the audio chain is the final outcome, the speakers. Just as important as the first two, is having a well balanced and transparent studio…

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Recording Acoustic Drums With Budget Microphones with MAGIX Music Studio 2017

Recording acoustics drums is one of the most challenging jobs a recording engineer can face while recording a song with a band. A demonstration of how to practice recording acoustic drums using a few budget microphones (Behringer Ultravoice XM8500) and…

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How To Setup A Patchbay PX3000 With FCA1616 – A Complete Guide Part 2

In Part 2, I demonstrate the use of a patchbay with physical units, cables, and leads and an in-depth explanation. Please, watch PART 1 first, for it to make sense of my demonstration.

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How to Setup A Patchbay PX3000 With FCA1616 – A Complete Guide Part 1

This video is a complete guide to audio patchbays. How the patchbay modes operate, how to configure a patchbay for optimum setup and workflow.

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DIY Acoustic Cloud Panel – Save a fortune

There are many commercially available acoustic panels to suit any studio, live room or bedroom, on any budget, but mostly they are a bit expensive for the average home studio or bedroom producer. Today I will show you how I…

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Audio Leads Rack DIY Hack

Got lots of audio leads stacked in boxes or nowhere to put them for easy access? Well, this might help you, easy and cheap.

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Soundproofing Vs Room Acoustic Treatment | Best Soundproofing Method for your Studio

In this video, I describe the differences between Soundproofing and Room Acoustic Treatment, then give an example of the most effective soundproofing technique for a recording studio.

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Speaker Equalization and Room Acoustic Analysis with Room Eq Wizard – Part 2

In Part 2 of Room Acoustic Analysis, I describe and demonstrate how I use Room EQ Wizard and Equalizer APO software to find out about my room’s acoustic characteristics, work out the required EQ changes and apply them. This allows…

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Audio Pops & Clicks issues when using USB Audio Interface

Adding a Graphic Video Card to my Audio Workstation PC. A simple instruction and reason why one should add a dedicated Graphics Video Card for an Audio Workstation PC. Audio Issues with PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL USB2.0 Audio Interface. Did this…