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Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 & Ozone 7 Elements Song Mastering Demo

This is a demonstration of how to quickly master a song using Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 using the included iZotope Ozone 7 Elements plugin. Song used: You And Me – Sy Knowles.

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How To: Add Effects Bus in SoundBridge.IO DAW

A quick demonstration on how to add effects bus in Free DAW, for better workflow of effects for each of the tracks recorded.

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NEW Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 Review and Quick Demo

A quick review and demo of the upcoming Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 (7/Aug/2017), having a look at the software layout and workflow, recording, editing and using built-in and VST effects.

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MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017 VST Instruments Demo

I have been exploring MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017, and I thought I’ll share some of the included VST instruments demo audio, to give you some idea of what’s included. This does not cover the included samplers, synths, and a…

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Audio to MIDI to VSTi in PreSonus Studio One V3.5 Pro

Wanted to find out if it is possible to convert an audio clip to MIDI notes, and then use the MIDI notes clip to play a VST Instrument. I’ll show you how with this quick demo using Studio One Pro….

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Cakewalk Music Creator 7 Basic Audio Recording and Editing

AS OF LATE 2017, CAKEWALK HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS. A quick demonstration of how to record an audio track and some of the basic audio editing tools used.

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Studio One Prime Ver 3.5 Update – What’s New?

Having a look at what’s new in version 3.5 free update of Studio One Prime. Low latency drivers, complete system undo/redo history and many more.

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Installing MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017 – A Personal Experience

Today I install the latest version of MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017, which was generously donated by MAGIX, as a free upgrade from my old Samplitude Music Studio 2015. I wanted to share my experience in installing this new version,…

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PreSonus Studio One V3 Track Pack Folder Option Quick Tip

If you have lots of tracks for your song project in Studio One V3, I’ll show you how you can pack them into folders to maximize the available timeline and mixer space.

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Recording Of A Full Song With Free Software – Tracktion T5, AmpleSound, IK Multimedia and a few more

I demonstrate and show how I recorded a complete song using nothing but free software (nearly). The song is a very old Armenian Folk song, “Ganchoum Em Ari” (Please Return to me). DAW: Tracktion T5 Instruments: AmpleSound – AGML Acoustic…

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Recording guitars for upcoming song ‘Lovebreak’ in Studio One Prime

This is a live recording session on how I’m adding electric guitar into a song (still learning guitars), in preparation for my next creative idea video on Presonus Studio One Prime. The song is called Lovebreak.

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Installing AmpleSound AGM II Virtual Acoustic Guitar – First Impressions

Recently I made 2 videos demonstrating how to download install and use AmpleSound’s AGML II Lite and ABPL II Lite free Acoustic guitar and Bass guitar VST instruments. AmpleSound has kindly offered and donated a license for my studio, for…