Welcome to the Audio Academy of Studio 9 Records.

The Audio Academy is a library of educational information documents and videos presentations set as a virtual online classroom all about sound, audio, music recording and reproduction, as well as song composition and arrangement basics.

With the Audio Academy you will learn all about audio and music, how to capture, edit, arrange, mix and master your own songs, in your own home project studio as a hobby or as a part-time/full-time job.

A low monthly membership will give you access to the library of information and video presentations, from the basics to the advanced audio productions.

If you like to learn all about music recording and production, my Audio Academy might be the online classroom you like to be in, without costing you your life savings.

The Audio Academy will also include audio gear reviews and in detail presentations that will allow the members to make the right choice when purchasing audio gear. From Microphones to Audio Interfaces, Audio Mixers, recording software or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), audio hardware gear and many more topics.

Audio Academy Is Coming Soon

Topics Covered

  • Audio Basics
  • Microphones
  • Analog Audio Mixers
  • Audio Interfaces (USB/FireWire)
  • Digital Audio Mixers
  • Recording Software types
  • Digital Audio Workstation Applications (DAW)
  • Analog Outboard Gear (Audio Hardware Processors)
  • Analog Rack Patch Bay Setups
  • Recording Audio
    • Analog Audio from a Microphone or Line Level
    • MIDI Notation from MIDI Controllers
  • Editing Audio
    • Analog Audio
    • MIDI Notation
  • Mixing Audio
    • Gain Staging
    • Balancing & Leveling Tracks
    • Inserting Plugins and Effects
  • Song Arrangements
  • Mastering Songs for Distribution
  • Critical Listening, Room Acoustics and Treatment