Welcome to the website of my recording studio.

My name is Vatche and I have been in music since 1987 as a live mixing engineer, a keyboard player and recently as a music producer in my recording studio.

Since 2006, I have also posted hundreds of videos on music production and audio gear on my YouTube Channel, passing on the knowledge I have acquired over the many years.

Recording Studio9 has been my project since 2016 when I constructed and built a soundproof room for music production. I provide a creative space for musicians, and singers, as well as voice-over production to record their talent and share it with the world.

Equipped with a wide range of audio production gear, analog and digital audio processors, a wide variety of microphones, as well as some musical instruments, I believe it’s a great place to be creative.

Located in Forestville, NSW, Australia, only 30 min from the city centre of Sydney.

If you like me to bring your musical dream, idea or song album to life, feel free to contact me for a free no-obligation consultation over a coffee.

Feel free to call me on (+61) 0412 265 835, Sydney Australia timezone. or email me at music[@]recordingstudio9.com.