To improve my mixing and mastering workflow, it’s time to upgrade my studio desk to suit my needs.

On with the drawing board with some CAD plans and measurements to make sure I have it all correct.

The side panels of the desk.

After researching for some commercially available desks for project studios, most not only did not match my needs, you can only have one or the other, and not to mention the prices that are way over my budget, I decided to build my own. After all I build a whole soundproof studio, surely I could build a desk!

Front view and desk sizes
The desk top panel

Main plywood pieces are cut by local joinery to make sure perfect cuts with correct smooth bends.

Out comes the drill and driver, as well as the circular saw to cut and join all the pieces together into a working bench.

The desk side boxes
The desk being constructed

The advantage of building my own means I can design and add options, like having a sliding panel under the desk top to place my MIDI controller keyboard, ready to slide out to add my musical creativity, then slide back in, ready for my mixing session.

Not long before it’s ready. In the mean time my studio is closed as I have all my gear disconnected from my old desk and no possibility to do any music work.

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