Finally, after many days of planning and thinking, I decided to upgrade my current mixing desk with a brand new digital mixing console, the PreSonus StudioLive 16 Series 3.

Though my prior mixer served me very well, it lacked several new features I was after to make my workflow faster and easier (once I learn all the new features of the new one!).

The new digital mixer from PreSonus is basically 3 units in one. First, it’s a digital mixer with up to 16 channel inputs and 10 + 2 channel output, with all built-in digital processing and digital effects. Perfect for recording a live band on stage or in the studio.

Second, it’s a 32×32 channel audio interface, meaning it can record up to 32 audio channels onto PC (or on the onboard SD card) and then playback up to 32 audio tracks form a PC DAW (Digital Audio Workstation software).

And finally, it’s a Control Surface, meaning all the faders are motorised and they move in sync with my DAW (Studio One V4 Pro), this makes mixing a whole lot easier. This means I no longer need to swap devices from the recording session to the mixing session to the final master.

Sure it comes with a big price tag, but the new possibilities are limitless. It also comes with a big learning curve, but once I manage that, it’s smooth sailing.

If you like to see it in action, why not book a recording session with me and hear the results. Or, feel free to come in and have a chat with me to discover what projects we can work together on. Coffee’s on me.

Hope to see you soon.

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