It’s one thing to have great talent, whether playing a musical instrument or singing, capturing that talent is another thing.

One can’t waste time and talent and miss opportunities. Great talent requires great audio gear to capture and present it in the best possible way. It’s like driving an old worn out family car in an F1 Formula car racing. Sure, they both take you places, but winning? It’s just not gonna happen.

Among many of my quality audio recording gear currently in my studio, I still search and acquire new quality audio gear. Why? Because each gear serves a special purpose. You don’t use a big circular saw when you need a handsaw for delicate carpentry work.

I recently purchased a new addition to my studio, the SM-Pro TC01 Vacuum Tube Microphone Pre-Amplifier that also has built-in Compression feature.

Upon testing, you can really hear the warmth and the fuzziness of the vacuum tube. Loud and clear. It takes the quality microphone to the next level. Perfect for voice-over projects, as well as many live microphone recordings.

Like to try it out? Why not contact me and we can arrange a day and time that suits. You don’t have to have any project in mind. Just come in and say hi. We’ll have a chat over a coffee, connect a few of my microphones to try out and discuss opinions. No obligation.

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