I had small 3 to 4 piece bands in the studio before, but not full 5-piece band with live acoustic drums. I was a bit anxious if they will be comfortable, will there be enough room for all of us in the studio!

Well, it turns out all the guys were comfortably seated with their musical instruments, relaxed and enjoying the rehearsal session, with a live acoustic drums set, all mic-ed up ready to go.

I had Aram on drums having only 4 of my Superlux microphones and a Shure SM57 on the snares. I used my newly built GOBO panels to give some isolation to the drums. The results were fantastic. Vasken on guitars, plugged in directly to the mixing console. Same with Nazo on bass. No guitar amps or speakers where used, as this was just a rehearsal. Sako was on keyboards, using KORG PA3X Oriental and Vartan on vocals using my Shure SM58.

All microphones and instruments connected to my Behringer UFX1604 Mixing Console. A Powered speaker so everyone could hear the guitars, bass, keys and vocals.

All 16 channels from the mixer fed via USB into Cakewalk DAW as 16 separate multi-channel tracks, recording each instrument on its own track. This would allow me to playback and mix a live rehearsal for the band to listen to.

I used Cakewalk by Bandlab exclusively since it’s a free DAW and the band members who have installed it, will easily grab a copy of the recording to listen and mix the songs themselves. They could solo each instrument to identify any playing mistakes or improvements. There were no issues recording 3 hours of music.

It was a great opportunity for me to utilise the studio to its full capacity. Now I know the studio can handle it. So if your band has up to 5 members, then you’re going to be comfortable in my studio.

P.S. The band was rehearsing loudly till late hours of the night, but no one outside could hear us 🙂

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