My studio has lots of acoustic treatment to take care of reverberation or reflections of sound from the walls and ceiling. I have several videos covering how to build a DIY Acoustic Panels as well.

This not only allows me to listen to audio from my speakers in more detail, but also have better microphone recordings, as it allows me to capture more of the actual sound than the room reflections.

But, I was curious if a vocal booth would improve it further? I have seen lot of videos about vocal booths and how useful or waste of money they are, depending on the presenter’s personal opinion. I wanted to know if it actually makes a difference or not.

So, I went ahead and ordered the iSK RF-5R Vocal Booth from to test it out myself.

The results will help you decide if you need one, or not.

Amir, one of my clients, testing out the iSK RF-5R Vocal Booth for his song vocal takes

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