Thanks to the kind generosity of MAGIX International in providing me a free license for Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 for personal review and feedback.

Here is a quick review and demo of the upcoming Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 (7/Aug/2017), having a look at the software layout and workflow, recording, editing and using built-in and VST effects.

I found the software easy to use and navigate. Pop-up help for most icons and options are very useful, specially when learning a new software. If you have used any audio editing software in the past, using Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 is a breeze.

I was very quickly able to record, edit and export audio, load pre-recorded audio in .WAV, .FLAC, .OGG or MP3 song, optimize it with the built in effects, master the output with the included iZotope Ozone Elements 7 (US$129 value included for free) and save the output in any audio format in no time at all.

If you are after recording audio, narration or music, or editing an audio file or even creating audio loops, I personally found Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 easy to use with great results for both recording, editing and processing. Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 has now become one of my daily used audio application to edit audio or even master songs with its built in VST effect chain option.

Watch till the end for Giveaway Prize details coming soon.

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3 thoughts on “NEW Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 Review and Quick Demo

  1. Thank you very much for the review! I was waiting for a new version of Sound Forge Audio Studio for long time. Thank you again!!!

  2. I just tried to order an upgrade for SoundForge 12 and ran into so many problems and red flags I felt compelled to warn other potential buyers. This great program started out in Madison Wisconsin prior to being purchased by Sony. The goofs that own it now are failing miserably. First, the alert flag told me it was a $29 upgrade. However, when placing the order it shows $59! I then entered my valid serial number – which the website rejected.

    I figured I’d call them but was shocked to see only a 4 hour window to call – noon to 4 PM – Seriously? So I called only to be told “all representatives are busy, please call back later.”

    All I can figure is some 15 year olds are running this from their parents basement. I think I’ll be staying with SoundForge 11.0!

    1. Have you tried to contact them via their online support to resolve the issue?
      I own many MAGIX products for many years and I had no issue getting software issues resolved, problems with version upgrades.
      Your best and quickest option is their online support.
      If you still have issues, let me know and I can follow it up for you as well.

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