The plasterboard walls are not even up yet, but my second recording session has already taken place in my new studio.

Few weeks back, we recorded percussions for a previous recording made in my current home studio, and they turned out really great. At that timeĀ I had not even installed any plasterboards and the acoustic insulation batts took great care of the room reverberations, making the recording a perfect take.

Last weekend was my second recording session with a group of artists, in a half plasterboard installed studio! It was a very interesting one. They did not seem to mind.

Jane, Amin, Ivin and Damon from East Band had their first recording session of upcoming new single and album. We had keyboards, acoustic guitar and violin recorded.

The studio size proved to be enough to cater for 5 adults comfortably. This was a great way to find out that the room size was what I expected.

I had to setup my live recording setup of Behringer FCA1616 Audio Interface, my Mackie Squeeze Compressor recording on my laptop. Few mics and headphones. All good to go.

We had great result. Next session is this weekend, I should have all the plasterboards up by then. That means, I have to add some acoustic treatment, move them from my home studio to the new studio, temporarily.

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