I demonstrate and show how I recorded a complete song using nothing but free software (nearly).

The song is a very old Armenian Folk song, “Ganchoum Em Ari” (Please Return to me).

DAW: Tracktion T5

AmpleSound – AGML Acoustic Guitar & ABPL Bass Guitar
IK Multimedia – Sampletank 3 – Flute and Percussion
XLN Addictive Keys – Grand Piano
Versilian Standard Chamber Orchestra 2 – Strings

IK Multimedia – T-Racks Classic EQ and Compression
REAPER Stand Alone plug-ins
TDR Nova Dynamic EQ


One thought on “Recording Of A Full Song With Free Software – Tracktion T5, AmpleSound, IK Multimedia REAPER Stand alone and few more

  1. Hi, I like this song very much and would like to ask you if you can provide the score of this song (Ganchoum Em Ari)? I’m playing mainly this kind of music (Balkan, Klezmer, Roma). Thanks & best regards Herbie

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