This is a general guide video on how my friend John D. repaired my MOTU Traveler Audio Interface that had faulty Firewire Comms port, by replacing the integrated circuit TSB41AB2 by Texas Instruments.

The spare parts was purchased from, but other component suppliers might have them in stock too.

So thanks to my skillful friend John, I have regained my old MOTU interface back.

One thought on “Repairing my MOTU Traveler faulty Firewire Port by replacing IC TSB41AB2

  1. Hello
    I wonder if you can help me? I got the same issue but with a Motu 896HD. Do you know if is the same component for mine as for your traveler?
    I am been tried to find out but with no success at all.

    Thank you very much indeed for your help in advance

    Best wishes

    Manuel Sabio

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