Now that the holidays are over and back to working, the studio build project is back on. I’m at a stage where things need to be well planned, else the whole thing can fail or go way over my budget.

I’ve organised the electrician to return next week and do the cable runs and install the air ducting system. I require this before I install the insulation batts, which is the next step. He will install a switch box that takes the main run and splits into power and lights with circuit breakers. From the local switch box, we will have cable runs to 6 double power points. One of the power points will be up high for large screen mounted above. 2 sets of white LED batten lights, dimmable, should light up the place from low light to daylight. I will also use standard light stands for mood setting.

Just calculated the cost of the insulation batts, reminder that it is double layers, for just over $1,200 for Bradford Gold Ceilling and Soundscreen Batts from a wholesaler InsulFix (, that includes free delivery. Bunnings Warehouse ( was estimated just under $2,000! not including a $140 delivery fee.

I’m still unsure if I would take on the job of installing the metal roofing or get someone experienced to do it. But this might break my budget for other things I have to implement. Because the slop of the studio roof is 4.5 degrees, I was advised any roof slop below 5 degrees need special roof sheet form and correct installation, else the rain can leak into the roof, if not done correctly.

Installing the doors is also an attempt I’m not confident in doing. They are heavy and must be 100% correct fit to have effective air-tight seal. I finally located a local door hardware shop` Keeler Hardware ( that sells door sealing systems. I will visit them soon and ask for advice and correct system for my requirement.

I have all the door frame jambs and the solid core doors already, which are 40mm thick each. I need to get advice if I should have the door jambs at the bottom as well or not as this could be a tripping hazard. The automatic mechanical bottom of door sealing system might be enough?

But I might have to wait till I have decided on the outer wall cladding, so I get the door frame cut to the correct size.

Then I have to think about the outer wall cladding. I got quoted $4k to $5k for vinyl strip cladding with material and installation! Could I purchase the material and install it myself? Maybe? I could save around $3k or I can screw Fiber-Cement 7mm panels for $800 or less. Even with paint, still under $1k. But the look of vinyl for sure will look better and will match the look of my house.

Then comes the internal dry-wall or Gyprock installation. definitely not a one man job.

More YouTube building videos in my playlist. One step at a time.

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