Once all the frames were constructed, the next step was to erect them up by bolting them onto the concrete slab. Since I missed out on having J-Bolts inserted into the concrete slab, I had to drill down 28 holes! That took lot out of me. My first electric drill died after the 5th hole! Well it was a 20 year old one, so I had to purchase a new one (about time too).

The corner joints and mid frame stud joints, I used a pair of screw-clamps to hold them tight before I screw them in. Then the top plate braces, holding the frame in place. Of course, wood being wood, I had to again use the screw-clamps to shape the wood back into straight line.

Once the frame was up, wall plywood panels were next. Lucky my brother in-law came for a quick visit. He was happy to lend a hand screwing on the 12mm plywood panels. The quick visit ended up a day long visit. Thanks man, no way I would be able to do it alone.

Next, the wall weather-proofing wrap and then the roof.

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