Well finally the project is in motion.

My current studio occupies one of the rooms in my house. It is a standard room size, nothing special. Though I have had Soundscreen Insulation Bats installed on all walls and ceiling, this minimises the noise, but it is not sound proof. Room Acoustic Treatment does have noise absorption to some degree, but they are not for sound proofing.

Lot of people get confused and get mislead about Sound Proofing a room and Acoustic Treatment of a room. One tries to stop the sound getting in or out of the room, while the later, controls the sound in the room.

So, since my home studio is not sound proofed, this distracts and annoys the rest of my family. And the decision was made to move out. Extra space in my backyard will be put to good use.

This is part 1 of a series of videos I will make, showing and describing the process of building a professional home recording studio, from the ground up. I hope you follow my journey with me all the way.


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