Ok, so now I have the space for a new studio I can build, or do I?

What size my studio room should be? Would I need separate Live & Control rooms? Would I need toilet facilities, kitchenette?

How do I make it soundproof so 1) no outside noise gets into my microphones, and 2) no drum, bass or guitar amp playing gets out, annoying the neighbours.

There are so many questions, options and learning how-to’s to do, it definitely requires good planning.

I’m allowed to build up to 20 square meters without requiring any Council Approval. This is about twice the size of the room I’m in now. This will provide me enough room to place and setup a full drum set. But, not big enough to have split Live & Control room. For a split 2 rooms, I require at least 36 square meters.

20m2 not only does not require any CAD plans to submit for approval, the cost of the build would be affordable and ‘return on my investment’ would be few years. 36m2 is beyond my affordability. Remember, it is a from the ground up build with floor, walls and roof! No building exists. Not to mention the soundproofing I would require.

I used the free http://www.floorplanner.com to draw myself a basic plan for my project. It’s a great way to plan a build. Add walls, doors, windows, toilets etc, then add some desk, chair and a drum set, and view it in 3D. Giving each object in the room approximate real life size measurements, does really provide you an idea of how open or cramped the room will be. In the planning, it allows you to move internal walls and objects with ease, to get the best suited design.

Next, the old shed has to go to make room for a new Recording Studio 9 building.

IMG_0368It took me few hours to clear out 10 years of accumulated gardening staff out to empty the shed. It is amazing what you can find in an old backyard shed!

Then took some time to unbolt and move the old rusted shed, leaving me with the old concrete slabs I had put. Now these slabs are heavy! Still in very good condition, I plan to use them to make a walking path to the new studio building, so people don’t have to walk on the grass, specially on a wet day.

Till next update..


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