My current home studio is set up within one of the rooms (office) in my house. I had put in reasonable soundproofing and acoustic treatment to manage the sound coming in and going out.

It serves me well for the purpose I had it for.

The time is now to grow and upgrade my home studio into building a Professional Home Studio from the ground up, literally.

I have been contemplating on the idea of moving out of the house into a more suitable arrangement. A place big enough to allow a full drum set to be played and recorded, or a small band to come in and be creative and record songs and albums. A design that will allow me to have a live room, as well as a control room, not forgetting toilets. Hot Espresso and cup-of-tea over some song mixing session chats sounds nice too. All this, without annoying the neighbours with any loud noise of course!

Such a major (well, for a home studio setup) project requires lots of planning, research and finance to pull it off. But one must start somewhere, somehow. No option within the house, so I look at my backyard…

Old ShedAn old garden shed!

Away from the house, yet close to it. Outside, so other members of my family are not disturbed by the loud music and noise.

I can setup the studio however I wish, and it will have no effect on the house we live in. Plus, I get back an office or a computer room in the house.

That’s the solution!

On to research and planning.


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