Like to create music but don’t have musical instruments, recording gear or talent? Then Audio SoundSets for PreSonus Studio One might be the answer.

It is pretty much a ‘drag-n-drop’ music creation with unlimited capabilities to arrange, mix and master a song. From EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to Rock, Pop, Blues and World, all possible and did I mention FREE!?

PreSonus Studio One Prime V3 (and all other upgrade versions of course) do come with lots of audio sound loops and soundsets that you can create music with. And of that is not enough, here is a soundset created by me for Studio One, that you can download, install and use, all for FREE!

Simply click to download on your PC or MAC, and once done downloading, extract the library from the ZIP file, then simply double click to install inside Studio One. Then use the Browser within Studio One to select, drag-n-drop the audio loops to create your song.

Let me know of any songs you arranged using my soundset. I love to hear them too.


(Link opens OneDrive shared file – 107Mb)


Style Key: Cm
Style Tempo: 128bpm

Intro (12 bars), Var 1 (8 bars), var 2 (8 bars), Var 3 (8 bars), Var 4 (8 bars), Ending (6 bars)

Chord Tabs for Var 1 to Var 4:

||: Cm | Cm | Fm | Bb | Eb | Fm | Bb | G :||

2 thoughts on “Dance Chart 1 Audio SoundSet for Studio One V3

  1. can you please create an hip hop kinda audio loop for studio one
    the ones am downloading are not compactable with studio one

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