I use several Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, PreSonus Studio One Professional being my main recording tool. I also use REAPER, Pro Tools SE, Samplitude Music Studio 2017, Cakewalk SONAR & Cubase 8, just to name a few tools under my belt.

With hardware, my main interface is Mackie Onyx Blackbird. Depending on requirements, I also use Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL, Behringer Firepower FCA1616, M-Audio Fast-Track Ultra, (8 channel USB Audio Interface) and few more.

I use PreSonus Eris E8, an 8″ Studio Active Monitors for mixdown and/or mastering. Combined with acoustically treated room, the final results do come out clean, balanced and natural sounding. I use the Behringer Ultra Curve Pro DEQ2496 to correct my room acoustics for perfectly balanced mixing and mastering.

I have various condenser and dynamic microphones for vocal and instruments. The latest Rode NT1 and Classic Rode NT1-A, Shure SM57 & SM58, AKG, XML, iSK, Behringer, just to name a few.

Most of my arrangement sound come from my KORG PA3X Pro 61k, professional semi-weighted keys arranger with outstanding audio quality and limitless possibilities. I also own Roland D-50 Synthesizer, CASIO AT-5 (Arabic scale) keyboard.  A Massive library of Arturia Software Synths, AmpleSound VST Guitar Library plus many more. An acoustic and few electric guitars, Bass guitar, Fender, Epiphone & a Strat. Since I’m not a guitar player myself, I have spared my money. Most guitar players bring their own anyway.

As a home recording studio, it is a nice cosy and warm setup to inspire and create music of most genres.


Started in the basement of our old house using a 4 track cassette mixer/recorder, and as computers became more affordable and available, moved to multi-track recording and improving upon experience and newly available tools.


Today I occupy a purpose built soundproof studio room, acoustically treated for all my projects, inclusive of various hardware, software, microphones and musical instruments to name a few. On this web site you will find few tips and ideas about recording music, especially in a Home Recording environment. I do few experiments with some hardware and software, audio editing and mixing tips.

The Old Studio Room

New Studio During Construction

Since August 2016, I have taken on the task of personally building a complete professional, soundproof and acoustically treated studio space, to accommodate all my future recording and mixing & mastering projects. I hope to complete it by July 2017 and move in.

The complete progress of the build video can be viewed here and on my YouTube Channel. It is a very exciting moment for me to achieve it singlehandedly a project that is up to my and to a professional standard.

I hope to capture your musical creativity in my new studio very soon.

My New Studio Now

My newly built studio, ready to capture your music, sound and creation.

Fully soundproofed and acoustically treated. Many outboard gears like Tube and FET compressors, Equalizers, Effects units and more.

Capacity to capture vocals, guitars, keyboards as well as 7 piece live drum set, in a comfortable and ecstatically pleasing room.

Like to have a tour? just contact me and you are most welcome to drop by and have a chat, all about music, your next song or album.


External Links:

Local music shops I regularly visit and purchase my gear from or ask for technical data or help.

Mall Music at Warringah Mall – Brookvale, NSW

Turramurra Music at Turramurra, NSW

Big Music Store at Crows Nest, NSW

Icon Music at West Ryde, NSW


Online Music Shops:

South Cost Music for studio gears

Swamp Industries for cables etc