Pro Plug-Ins Extension

Enter to WIN free Studio One Prime Add-on Extensions and make your free Prime version work more for you.

  • This competition is open to anyone with an email address.
  • Use the entry options below, run by
  • More option of entries you opt in, more chances of winning.
  • Winner will be announced at the end of the competition.
  • Winner will be selected randomly.
  • PreSonus Licence Transfer Fee (US$5) is included as part of the prize.

Sponsored by Recording Studio 9 & PreSonus.

PreSonus Studio One Prime Pro Pug-Ins Add-On Giveaway

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6 thoughts on “PreSonus Studio One Prime Add-On Pro Plug-Ins Extension GIVEAWAY

  1. I do think presonus has done a great job on their free DAW with all the functionality of a premium DAW but the lack of VDT Support is a setdown anf this pack will really help improving us young Upcoming ptoducers anf Its really wise of you to giveaway a copy

    Big Ul to You

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