Dear PreSonus Family,

I’m a long time PreSonus audio gear user, as well as Studio One Pro as my main DAW. And love it.

I also have a large followers on my YouTube channel ( and on my web site, who are interested in audio gears, DAW and recording in general, on a budget.

I actively promote Studio One, especially PRIME version, on my YouTube channel, showing how good Studio One is, even with its limitations, imagine what one can achieve with the full Pro version. Now with over 40 videos on this subject alone. And they are very popular, as to new and young start-ups, gives them a chance to get into the music recording and mixing at virtually no cost.

To support my followers and a way to say “Thank You”, plus, to attract more users to Studio one, I’m planning to have regular prize giveaways on my YouTube channel and my web site, by giving away Studio One Prime Add-on licences.

I will be personally purchasing the Add-on licences and then transferring them to respective winners.

My query is, are there any issues me taking this action? Can PreSonus provide any further support?

Thanks for providing such a great audio hardware and software to help us make great music.

Kind Regards
Vatche Demirjian
Recording Studio 9

UPDATE: 18 Oct 2017


I have been in contact with PreSonus and they have agreed to support me in giving away Studio One Prime Add-on as free prizes!

Basically, I will purchase the Studio One Prime Add-on Licenses at discount prices, and give them away as free prizes on my web site and in my Facebook PreSonus Studio One Prime DAW Group I admin.

So spread the word…

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2 thoughts on “My Letter to PreSonus

  1. To whom it may concern.
    In the fall of 2017 I decided to embark on the path of building my own home studio. I tried to use Pro Tools First because it was free but it just became a hassle with using it. Not desiring to give up I looked on you tube for information as to what to do and I ran across some videos created by someone named “vatche” from a place called Recording Studio 9 and boy did I get information !
    After watching one of his tutorials about Studio One Prime I immediately downloaded it and was impressed with its ease of use. After watching more of his videos I have purchased a 44vsl and received my free copy of Studio One Artist. I plan on buying the Studio Channel strip next month. All of this is because of Vatche’s videos. He has done a great service to me by recommending Presonus products.

    Eric, Jamestown, North Dakota

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