New Soundtoys equalizer will cost $129, but you can download it for FREE until October 13th!

The plugin was released today and it’s on offer as a free download for everyone interested. After October 13th, the price will be increased to a whopping $129.

It’s worth noting that even though an iLok account is required in order to register and activate your Sie-Q license, you don’t need the actual iLok dongle. In case you’re wondering, anyone can register for a free iLok account and download their License Manager application which is used for activating licenses. Personally, I’m not a fan of the iLok Dongle, as I see no reason to pay $70 for a USB stick, but fine with the iLok License Manager.

sie-q-product-page-circuits-600x524Since I have not tried it yet, all I can say about the plugin after reading about it on the web site, it seems to be an emulation the Siemens W295b, an old German equalizer from the 60s.


  • Get airy top end with the super-smooth High band
  • Accentuate or tame mid-range details with the switched Mid band
  • Carve out some space or add rich bass with the Low band
  • Push the Drive control to recreate the color of the original EQ

It is available for both PC and Mac based host applications that work with VST, AU and AAX plugins. Looking forward to trying it out on my next mix!

Sie-Q is available for free download via Soundtoys.


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