Ever wanted to record a song, but you can only play one instrument? Written some great lyrics and need to add music to it, but don’t know any musicians in your local area? Or, like to hang around and jam with friends or other fellow musicians (you have never met before) in the comfort of your own home?

You might want to have a look at OHM Studio, the collaborative DAW that has been bringing musicians together from all over the world since 2012. Yes, I just discovered it myself too!

OHM Studio is a full comprehensive DAW with unlimited tracks for audio, MIDI and automation. VST plug-in and instrument support (though only 32bit versions, as OHM is a 32bit software). Included basic but great plug-ins, with additional plug-ins can be purchased from the developer or use your own.

OHM Studio allows anyone with basic knowledge of DAW and audio recording to get on board and start making music. Create your own and invite others, or join a song project already created and add your contribution to it.

It is moderately easy to use DAW for recording live from Microphone or MIDI controller, great audio and MIDI editing, Auxiliary grouping and Modular audio routing.

There is no SAVE button! All project files are automatically synced to the cloud. This not only allows you to work from multiple locations without saving and loading, but allows any contributor to have access to add, edit and mix the project song, all at the same time!

Interested? Then head down to www.ohmstudio.com and download your own FREE copy of OHM Studio. For a small price, you can extend the 10 free song projects to unlimited, supporting the future development of OHM Studio.

I plan to have few videos on OHM Studio as well with some recording, editing and mixing tips.


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