I had Tracktion T4 free installed on my laptop about couple of years ago. I had only tried a handful of times. Then with my purchase of Behringer Firepower FC1616 Audio Interface, I redeemed my free Tracktion T5. Again, only a handful of times I looked at it, but this time round, I started to understand its workflow, which is quite different from main stream DAW’s. I liked it.

Now that Tracktion T5 is free to all, it is time I have a better look and possible alternative as a FREE DAW, that not only supports unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, it has full support for VST, VST2, VST3 & AU plug-ins. With LAME MP3 encoder, you can export and email your songs to anyone, within the same environment.

So, here is my unscripted first look at Tracktion T5. Soon, a series of videos will be out with “How To:” and “Understanding:” and so on.


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