I get asked this question quite a bit: “How come when I plug my mic, turn the volume on the 1818VSL, I can see signal in the VSL Panel software and I can record the audio in my DAW, but I cannot hear anything on my headphones plugged in at the front of the unit, with volume turned all the way up”.

The solution is simple. You just have to make sure you have the headphone output send level for each track you like to listen to, has been turned up.

Output 7 & 8 are the headphone output channels, paralleled to the output sockets at the back of the unit. So any audio sent to output channels 7 & 8 not only come out at the back sockets, but also the headphone socket at the front of the unit.

To send each track’s audio to the headphone, or to any of the output channel sockets, use the send volume sliders as shown below. Same goes to the FX tracks, as seen on the image below.


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One thought on “PreSonus 1818VSL Panel Headphone Output

  1. Thanks you for your wonderful videos, which are eye openers to those of us new to Presonus 1818VSL. I have been the smaller entry level (USB Audiobox)

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