Not Without You

Words & Music By Vatche
Arranged & Recorded By Vatche at Recording Studio 9
Mastered By
Copyright © 2016

It has been one of my set goals to record an English song that was original in lyrics and music. Finally after writing and re-writing of lyrics that popped in my head one morning (Original first time can be heard on this microphone review video), arranging and recording several genres of the song, I decided this version really talked to my heart.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I loved recording and singing it.

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2 thoughts on “Not Without You – An Original Song by Vatche

  1. Wow…amazing talent being witnessed here. You hit it out of the ballpark my friend. Wonderful story line not just words that rhyme. I would buy it for sure. I look forward to listening to more of your songs. I’m hooked on your home site. I’ll be watching and listening. Jim in the Philippines….

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