I finally had the chance to record the drum tracks from my KORG PA3X to complete the base arrangement.

About 5 extra tracks added, them being Kick Drum, Snare, Hi-Hats & Cymbals, Toms & Brush.

I will make a new video going through each of the recorded tracks and why I have chosen this option. Will also include some new tricks to overcome Studio One Prime limitations.

The complete Studio One Prime song project files are now available for download. It is a big file, some 380Mb.

Feel free to download and try it out and make your own mix. Send me an MP3 copy for me to hear how different you have arranged it.

P.S. Can’t find the files to download? First you need to register (free) on my web site with a valid email. The project details and downloads will be shown once you login.

Have a great time Mixing “Unplugged Slow”…


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One thought on “Project Unplugged, Drum Tracks recorded

  1. Huge Download but all worth it , Cant wait . takes about 6minutes showing 365mb on Microsoft one drive .

    Thank You Vatche for sharing all the knowledge and Files .

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