Woke up this morning and decided I would record a new demo song. Still in bed, wrote the words on my iPhone. You know how you get that moment where words just seems to flow? Well, sort of.

Then with the help of my son Andre, we composed and arranged the music on his acoustic guitar.

Well, the result was a “Not Without You” Acoustic Unplugged Live.

We hit the studio for few practice runs and then recorded the song using my MXL 550 & 551 Microphone Kit. The MXL 550 is a large diaphragm condenser mic suitable for vocals and the MXL 551, small diaphragm condenser mic suitable for any acoustic instrument; in this case, Andre’s Acoustic Guitar.

Both mics were plugged into my M-Audio FastTrack Ultra USB Audio Interface on Channels 1 & 2. A headphone for Andre to monitor the recording and the click track.

This was fed to my Macbook Air running PreSonus Studio One V3 Prime D.A.W. I selected the default template of “Vocal + Guitar” to setup the recording session. Simple and easy.

We did the take (few times) and fed the raw microphone feeds to left and right channels for comparison. Listeners can select both or either channel to compare the raw microphone takes.

Later I edited and mixed the take into a final song, to demonstrate few editing and mixing tips and ideas.

Enjoy the song.

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