I have been looking for a MIDI Controller Surface Device to enable me to control my DAW mixer using physical sliders and knobs. That is how I did in the past, some 20 years ago, when I started recording songs.

While doing a final mixdown of a song, it is a matter of  closing your eyes and letting your ears do the work. Well you cannot do that if you have to use the mouse to move on-screen sliders. That’s where the MIDI Controller comes in handy. Just place your fingers on the sliders and move them till it feels and sounds right.

Following my search on the WORLDE MIDI EasyController, I found not many, if any reviews, so I thought I do one and go even further and run through the controller’s editor software and show how easy it is to change the controller’s setup to suit your needs.

Enjoy the video…

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6 thoughts on “WORLDE Easycontrol.9 MIDI Controller Device Review

  1. Dear Sir,
    Sorry for bothering you but i bought the easycontrol9 and i cannot achieve communication with the software available (the software always stuck on read/send data screen). My unit doesn’t came with the CD mentioned, that people says to have a working version of the software. Could you please arrange my a copy/image of this CD?
    Thanks a lot! Regards, Robson.

  2. I want to control a Behringer X-Air 16 via MIDI for simple fader and mute functions, but, the volume faders and mute buttons seem to be controlled on separate MIDI channels – can this device assign separate MIDI channels to the buttons and faders, or are all transmissions on the same channel?

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