Welcome to Recording Studio 9 Website.

Hi, my name is Vatche and Recording Studio 9 is my home based music recording and production studio, owned and operated by me.

I have been recording songs, originals or cover songs, since 1988 as a hobby, for love of music and as a creative and expressive medium. I currently record my own personal songs as singles or as EP, as well as for a few other local fellow artists.

If you like to record a song or music and you are on a budget, make sure you contact me. I’ll try to provide you professional quality recordings to match your budget.

You can visit my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/c/RecordingStudio9com


My Latest Blogs:


Event Studio EQ Speaker Calibration Mic Unboxing & Testing

If you record and mix music in your home recording studio or even in your bedroom, with couple of speakers, do you ever wonder why your songs sound so amateur, muddy, maybeRead More...
By : Vatche | Apr 17, 2018

A Snake In The Studio!

What would you do, if you found a 6 meter snake in your studio? After unpacking few packages and boxes of studio leads and gear, this is what I got!  
By : Vatche | Apr 16, 2018

A New Single by Diamond J (Jacqueline K) – My African Lady

It’s only been few months since Diamond J (Jacqueline K) released her first ever single, today, she has just released her second single – My African Lady. A song dedicated to herRead More...
By : Vatche | Apr 3, 2018

Unboxing Superlux 7 Piece Drum Mic Kit And Trying Out

After recently purchasing a PEARL Roadshow Fusion Plus Acoustic Drum Kit, I needed a new set of microphones to record the drums. Here is my unboxing A quick demonstration and try outRead More...
By : Vatche | Feb 26, 2018