Welcome to Recording Studio 9 Website.

Hi, my name is Vatche and Recording Studio 9 is my home based music recording and production studio, owned and operated by me.

I have been recording songs, originals or cover songs, since 1988 as a hobby, for love of music and as a creative and expressive medium. I currently record my own personal songs as singles or as EP, as well as for a few other local fellow artists.

If you like to record a song or music and you are on a budget, make sure you contact me. I’ll try to provide you professional quality recordings to match your budget.

You can visit my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/c/RecordingStudio9com

My Spotify Playlist of currently produced songs:

[spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/vatchedemirjian/playlist/5a50dCamEagkmg5BYMs1CX]


My Latest Blogs:


Local Armenian 5-Piece Band in The Studio

I had small 3 to 4 piece bands in the studio before, but not full 5-piece band with live acoustic drums. I was a bit anxious if they will be comfortable, willRead More...
By : Vatche | Jun 26, 2018

New GOBO Acoustic Panels For The Studio

Sound isolation and management is important part of any recording room, it’s also part of the room acoustics. Purchasing commercial ones are a bit over priced, so I built my own. InRead More...
By : Vatche | Jun 21, 2018

Eastband & IZH Project Recording In The Studio

IZH is a Russian folk music band with combined Eastband here in the studio, to record 2 live song arrangements. Here are the highlights video from the recording session. It’s not theRead More...
By : Vatche | Jun 5, 2018

Unboxing and Review of Monkey-Banana Gibbon Air 4″ Studio Speakers

There are lot of occasions where you may not want to turn on your main mixing Studio Speakers on for general music listening, watching YouTube videos, or even when editing audio orRead More...
By : Vatche | May 29, 2018